Gang brawl leads to arrests

Sandusky police arrested 13 people allegedly involved in a gang-related brawl on Fox Run Trail, with charges pending for six others.
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 30, 2013

It was nothing short of pandemonium at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday in the hallway of a Fox Run Trail apartment building. When police arrived, they found blood on the walls and the remnants of shattered glass bottles, although those at the center of the mayhem had already fled the scene.

Not until detectives reviewed the apartment’s surveillance footage were they able to determine it stemmed from a turf dispute between Sandusky gang members and “Detroit boys,” Sandusky police Sgt. Dana Newell said.

The video (portion can be viewed in the player to the right) shows more than a dozen people — police and witnesses later identified them as Detroit natives — filing into two apartments on the same floor. Within minutes, at least 20 Sandusky men and teenagers then rushed a staircase and began exchanging words with the Detroit group in a hallway.

Anyone with information can call Sandusky detectives at 419-627-5863

The video shows the suspects throwing glass bottles and various items at each other, with some of the assailants allegedly carrying knives, frying pans, sticks and even a crowbar. One Detroit man used a BB gun to shoot at two boys, who were both struck in the torso.  

Some of the suspects appeared to be holding their frenzied friends at bay until one Sandusky man punched the other group’s apparent leader, police said. The confrontation then erupted into an all-out brawl. At one point, at least five of the Detroit men cornered a Sandusky boy in a doorway, where they proceeded to kick and punch him, Newell said.

“No one was seriously hurt, thankfully,” Newell said. “But the possibility of innocent people getting injured during something like this, we’re not going to tolerate it. We’re going to aggressively pursue any situation like this.” Security footage shows 20 minutes of confrontation before police were alerted to the fight.

“We’re trying to stop these type of behaviors, but we can’t do it alone,” Newell said. “We need the community to contact us when these things happen. People need to just quit taking it.”

On Wednesday, Sandusky police were joined by Erie County deputies and officers from Perkins, Huron and Cedar Point in rounding up 13 of the Sandusky men and boys who were allegedly involved. About 25 officers went out in teams, making simultaneous arrests around the city.

“We knew from previous incidents that if you don’t get them all, they’re going to start texting and using social media, and the others will go into hiding,” Newell said.

Each person arrested was charged with participating in criminal gang activity, aggravated rioting, burglary and complicity to vandalism. Additionally, the teens involved were cited with curfew violations.

The adults charged all remain in the Erie County jail on $40,000 bond apiece.

They are:
•Shalon Shelton, 19, 1500 block Lindsley St.
•Devonte Turner, 19, 400 block Camp St.
•Jaylyne Dickerson, 18, 800 block Polk St.
•Jason Kubitz, 19, 1100 block McKinley St.
•Jaterius Light, 18, 800 block Perry St.
The teens charged are:
•Boy, 14, 2000 block Fox Run Trail
•Boy, 16, 1800 block Third St.
•Boy, 16, 900 block Carr St.
•Boy, 16, 1300 block W. Larchmont Drive
•Boy, 16, 300 block Fulton St.
•Boy, 16, 1500 block Clinton St.
•Boy, 17, 1600 block Oakmont Lane
•Boy, 17, 600 block Shelby St.

Police also drew up arrest warrants for six others allegedly involved, including Dameyion Smith, 19, of the 2000 block of Second St., and five boys ages 14 to 17.
Newell said police are still receiving information about the Detroit men. “As soon as we can verify names, they’ll be charged,” Newell said. “They’ll receive the same treatment as the Sandusky gentlemen for the acts they have done.”

In recent weeks, information has been trickling in about the Detroit group’s presence in Sandusky.  “They’ve been here for a little bit,” Newell said.




Cedar Point Police?? lmao


Why is that funny?


I guess if I were looking for further assistance it would come from maybe the OSHP.

Was it the Frontiertown Police?


OSHP's goal is to enforce the traffic laws and promote safety on the highways. Not back up city police.


No, I heard the Frontier Town police were busy with a family in the stockades. They had gotten out of control at the Red Garter.


Cedar Point police go through the same training as any other Cop in the state. Whats so funny?


This was an obvious disagreement. One side favored Chopin, and the other Mozart. At one point you can read the lips on the gentleman trying to manipulate the glass door with his Keds. It appears he is telling the gents on the stairs that Chopin only wrote piano concertos, and Mozart was a much more complex composer for a wide range of instruments.

You can understand how conversation over such interesting topics can sometimes include colorful and bombastic language. But in the end, if we are arguing over the arts...aren't we all winners?


I would have to agree with the chaps that favored Chopin. They made a much stronger case. Their intellectual rebuttal clearly caused the others to question their love of Mozart, so much so that they needed to exhibit their doubt through the manipulation of a glass door with their Keds. Personally, I'm more of a partaker of the music styling of Ms. Alanis Morissette. You oughta know.


Well, I think we can all agree that luck was in the air that night given the fact that no Liszt devotees were in the crowd. I think all patrons of the symphony know what colorful characters they can be when discussing their favorite composer. There is a certain fervor in their demeanor that wasn't needed at the Fox Run complex that night.

Why, they may have just pulled out some sheet music and turned it into quite a Classical Music hootenanny.


Liszt listeners are just as colorful and fervent as Vivaldi fans. I would not dare to imagine what a debate between those two sets of enthusiasts could incur.


Cedar Point Police are led by one of the area's finest, Joe Davison. These city cops should be thankful to have him or anyone led by him backing them up.

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just because they mainly work in an amusement park, they still go through all the police training that SPD did

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They wouldn't last a second in the D with the wanna be gang member attitude. That's why they hang in Sandusky


Any gang members in the "D" wouldn't last a second in the Middle East, or Africa, or Russia, or China, or Japan. Any gang, from any of those places, would destroy any "U.S." gang. I love the false confidence that gang members have.

Though violence and anger are often the cause of false confidence. When it comes down to it though, the people with families that they care for, and work hard for, and teach proper ethics and morals to, are the ones that will fight the hardest when it comes a point where they must fight back. Until that point, we will gladly watch the violent and angry deconstruct themselves and the others that share their views.

Left Sandtown

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Bleeding Turnips

Obviously more racial profiling from the Sandusky PD. Where are the arrests for all the white kids for gang fights?


Maybe your handle should be Barack, Al, or Jesse.


I was thinking the same thing. More diversity is needed in this town. White gangbangers unite!



If white kids were there, they would have been arrested. It's not racial profiling. Your comment is racist. Simply because black teenagers get arrested for a 'gang brawl' your first thought is why weren't white kids arrested. If the parents of these kids have your attitude, I can see how the progression from child to hoodlum happened.

Simple Enough II

True...very true!


Are you serious? I really hope you are joking, but if you aren't let me answer that for you.

Because there are no white gangs fights in Sandusky!! Anyone from Sandusky will know this.


Except turnip head.


I imagine that there are some worthy people who reside in these apartments. Not all are low lifes! Some are probably doing the best they can. It is a shame that these YOUNG people have no respect for others. AND "bleeding turnip" I remember a year or so ago when there was a brawl where people got off a boat in downtown Sandusky and were disruptive, the police showed that video. If I am correct, most of the people were white. Most people who cry racial profiling do it to stir things up. Doesn't matter if these people were black, white, yellow, brown OR GREEN, they deserve to be seen doing this act.


How many arrests at the boat? Just curious!


Racial profiling ha thats a joke.

Big city trouble thats all it is and all you get up in San Town.

These kids wont learn a thing from this either.


Why not call OVH police too? Straight shot down strub road.
Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

Hoss McGee

They should send this video to Americas Funniest Videos. You have one gang afraid to come in the door and the so called tough guy gang from Sandusky run like little girls when they do come in. Then you have a lady holding the Sandusky Tuff Guys back and they all start backing up when the othe Tuff Guys come close to the door? Bunch of wanna be thugs!!!


I agree , Hoss McGee

I thought that video was hilarious !