New MetroParks commissioner a familiar face

Erie MetroParks' newest commissioner is already familiar with the district's budget, staff and all the legal problems.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 26, 2011


Erie MetroParks’ newest commissioner is already familiar with the district’s budget, staff and all the legal problems.

Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette appointed Randy Glovinsky to become MetroParks’ newest commissioner this week.

“He just asked me if I wanted to be one, and I said ‘of course, it would be an honor,’” Glovinsky said.
The position became vacant after former commissioner Micah Vawters resigned on Friday for a new job in Kentucky.

MetroParks commissioners work for free and don’t receive any funds from taxpayers for their service.

Last week, Glovinsky ended his reign as the district’s chief of safety and security — a position he worked in for a little less than a year.

He accepted a position with M&M Investigative Services. The private investigation agency is co-owned by Greg Majoy, the former Erie County Drug Task Force leader.



  I still say close the parks and sell the land or pay to see ......... The golden boys screwed the parks we have the golden boys buddies............LOL............

 Mr. Glovinsky has tremendous ties to Huron and its people. Pretty level headed guy. Maybe he can help get this Huron River Greenway fiasco behind us all. 

Good luck to the new board members and the new upcoming director.


So, this is a VOLUNTARY position as a commissioner for Erie Metroparks?  Randy is doing this with NO compensation?  Randy is a good man and his reputation through-out the local LE community is well known.  He brings plenty of managerial and executive experience to the table.  Erie Metroparks is riddled with controversy and targeted in the liberal WASTE of tax dollars for projects that have totally FAILED.  I am sure the ideas were good, but the leadership has bankrupted this county agency.  MetroParks is BROKE and needs MORE tax dollars for MORE failure.  Here is a tip.  They can NOT simply PRINT more tax dollars for more waste and spending.  I hope Randy can help manage things and remove that liberal "money hole" stigma of Metroparks.  "Oh, it is for the poor little animals.  WE need to PAY for the cute little animals."  Yeah right.  WHO decides who PAYS??  WE??  Liberals always have the virtual, crybaby "frog" croaking in their pockets.  Ha! Ha!     

Outside lookin in

Metro-Parks is the government vehicle they used to steal private property (land) off the Erie County Residents.  And the fact that his partner in M & M Investigators used to be on the Erie County Drug Task Force tells it all.  The Head of the Drug Task Force (Erie County Prosecutor) was busted by an under cover agent in BCI for using cocaine.  It's on record at the Erie County Court House.  Under Baxter vs. Sandusky Register.  All of you citizens please check for yourself.  These government agencies along with the Legal Industry have to GO!


Sorry, I hate UNIONS and I hate PARKS as much as I hate PEOPLE and "POOR LITTLE ANIMALS," but couldn't think of a way to bring UNIONS into this.
Ha! Ha!


I think this is amazing news and a wonderful choice. Mr. Glovinsky is someone that has the rare chance to use the knowledge he gained while employed at the MetroParks to turn that around and do some good making decisions as a commissioner. He will have insight into what the employees actually do at the park. He will know all the ins and outs and that can only mean better decisions made by the park board. I can only hope when going through the candidates for the Executor Director position that they consider Mrs. Bowman-Moore, the current deputy director. It can only be an advantage to advance her one step up the ladder as she already has personal connections with not only the employees, but also with all the organizations in Erie County, not to mention the millions of dollars of grant money that she has brought in over the years. Talk about a valuable asset!

Julie R.

@KLS73: Your gushing made me want to puke. Glovinsky's a good 'ole boy that fits right in with Baxter, Binette, McGookey, Lyons, etc., etc., etc. --- not to mention the attorneys for Metroparks from the Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole. They fit in quite well with them, too.  




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Julie R.

I can't wait to see how Baxter, McGookey, Binette and Lyons are going to clear the title for the realtor that bought property at their highly intelligent corrupt Eeerie County SCAM invalid sheriff sale.